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Welcome to Division J Toastmasters 2017 – 2018

Division Theme: “Looking Forward to Speaking with You!”

Division J Director

  Wayne Sebera, DTM



  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Service
  • Excellence


  • FUN!!!!

Area Directors

Area J1 Director
Biswanath Dash, CC, ALB
 Area J2 Director
Satishkumar Ganesan, ACS, ALB
Area J3 Director
Cathy Svitek, ACB
 Area J4 Director
Thor Challgren, ACS, ALB
Area J5 Director
Bozena Chorazewicz, ACB, ALB

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The individual members of the Toastmasters Clubs in Division J are the most important resource of the entire organization. Whether an experienced professional or a nervous novice, each person has something to say and something to offer. It is the individual who makes the difference.  With each new person we meet, we enlarge our knowledge, our relationships, our skills, and our wisdom.  We learn something new about ourselves as we craft a speech and explore the best way to be understood.  We experience something new about ourselves when we listen carefully to what that person is saying and sharing. Did it touch a nerve?  Did it light a light?  Did it bring a laugh?  We get to choose our responses, and whatever they are, they enliven us. Sharing ourselves in a fun and productive environment is the key.  

Our theme this year is “Looking Forward to Speaking with You!” Always looking forward, for that is the direction of growth. Looking uses the sense of seeing, but also it invokes analysis, thinking, and emotions. Speaking uses the action of saying something, and it invites the sense of hearing to be exercised. Listen well, for that may touch you at a deep level and give you the opportunity to share your personal, valuable, evaluative feedback to the other person.  This is growth, and this is relationship building.  Most importantly, it is “with YOU” for You are the essential ingredient of Toastmasters.  This is true for each and every one of us.  

We gather in Clubs, which are a collaborative group of supportive people. Each one is working on their own self-directed, self-improvement program. Each club follows a similar Toastmaster protocol, which has evolved and improved over the decades.  And yet, each club has its own unique personality, which is made up of the players who gather together to do the process and have fun. Very close friendships are possible, and indeed, are the norm.  Members share their stories, get to know each other, and learn the challenges and the triumphs of others. We build trust, confidence, and respect in a joyful way. What an opportunity!

The support and collaboration continues as we form areas, divisions, districts, regions, and international structures, always with the same focus: supporting the individual members. Knowing these facts leads me to better understand the Division J theme for 2017-2018 that I am “Looking Forward to Speaking with You!”

— C. Wayne Sebera, DTM
Division J Director  in District 33

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