Clubs within Areas

Serving the Toastmaster clubs in the East Ventura Areas of Division J District 33

2016-2017 Area Directors

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 Area J1: Biswanath Dash, CC, ALB, CL

3533 Simi Valley Toastmasters
4057 Power Speakers
776147 Madera Toastmasters
2219469 Becoming Awesome Communicators
6122500  Civic Center Toastmasters

 Area J2: Satishkumar Ganesan, ACS, ALB

6083 Speak and Eat Toastmasters
9557 Simi Valley West Toastmasters
1038926 ACE Toastmasters
1038927 Moorpark Toastmasters
2969820 ToastMac’ers

 Area J3: Cathy Svitek, ACB

1864 Conejo Valley Toastmasters
1934  T.O.T.A.L. Toastmasters
6765 Rhetorical Link Toastmasters
2847612 Thousand Oaks Toastmasters
5452875 T.O. Toastmasters

 Area J4: Thor Challgren, ACS, ALB

131 Orient Express Toastmasters
789  Powerful Voices Toastmasters
3467 Toast To The Master & Lord
4230 Amgen Noon Talkers
6596817 Leaders Pro

 Area J5: Bozena Chorazewicz, ACB, ALB

3332 Daybreakers of Westlake
7548 CLU Expressionists (CLUE)
610346 Voice Ambassadors
2549330  Westlake Village Toastmasters
1757924 PennyMac ToastMac’ers

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