Division J FAQ’s – June 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Division J – June 2017

Q1: Will we do Table Topics Contest again, or back to Tall Tales Contest?

A1: We will vote on the other contest for the spring at the first DEC. [Guy Dawson]

Q2: When & how can we download new club officers from TI website?  We need to set up a contact list.  Do we need new authorizations from D-33 or TI HQ?

A2: Nothing about the new Officers will appear on the website until after June 30. We will need Officer Release forms from all of your AD’s if they have not already submitted them. [Guy Dawson]

Q3: Other than the page or two in the Club Leadership Handbook, are there other materials/manuals available for Area Directors?  We do have a hand-off in progress from the old to new AD’s.

A3: The website has info about the role of an Area Director. I have found that a combination of reading and Mentoring works best in developing strong AD’s. A complete District Leader contact sheet will be coming out soon. [Guy Dawson]

Q4: Does District 33 provide name tags, business cards, and/or pins for our AD’s, DD, and Asst’s?   Or do we need to do our own thing?

A4: Members will receive name tags etc… at Officer Training on July 8th. [Guy Dawson]

Q5: I believe Flora Turner is the CA Growth Director for District 33.  If correct, please provide contact information for her (phone, email, etc.).

A5: Flora Turner is the CA Club Growth Director. Her phone number is (661) 965-1683 and her email address is fturner51@sbcglobal.net. [Guy Dawson]

Q6: Are there any recommended directions, policies, and/or materials to help us prepare for our TLI presentations?  (other than Pathways, which can be handled by our Brenda O’Brien)

A6: My recommendation for your TLI is to refer to the Leadership Handbook often. Encourage them to take care of their members and run their meetings according to protocol. Also, ask them to add at least one member every month. [Guy Dawson]

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