TLI # 1

Division J Toastmasters
Leadership Institute Training (TLI)

Thank you to everyone who helped in the planning process of the Division J TLI… Because of each and everyone of you, it was a success!

“These posted training videos and slide decks are reference materials only and DO NOT SUBSTITUTE FOR OFFICER TRAINING. Officer Training must be delivered real-time and in-person at an official “Toastmaster’s Leadership Institute”, or other in-person training option offered by your division or district.”


Suggestions for membership growth and retention

Ideas to Attract More Members

1. Speech Craft
2. Three or four clubs get together and sponsor a booth at a fair like a craft fair or Conejo Valley Days
3. Open House
4. Potluck and invite friends and family
5. Invite groups or companies
6. Meet Up, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
7. Have an awesome website6. Meet Up, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
8. Pass out TM business cards. Place them on bulletin boards
(Starbucks), restaurants, etc.
9. Reddit
10. Make a short 20 seconds video to promote TM on Facebook.
11. Info-graphics – Have impactful visual statistics. How many people
feel more confident, how many have better jobs, etc. thanks to TM?
12. Competition among members – divide the group into 2.
The group who brings more members for a set period of time will
win. Each team will get a point for each guest brought. If you bring a
guest who sign up then the team gets 5 points. The “loser” team will
bring dinner for everybody at the next meeting.
13. Everybody brings something for a “Prize Basket” for example: wine,

popcorn, DVD’s, gift certificates, etc. Whoever brings the most people
who signs up will get the basket.
14. Attach club information to TM magazines and leave them in doctor’s
office, gyms, etc.

Ideas to Retain Members

1. * Assign mentor early to guide
2. * Remind new members the purpose of roles
3. * More educationals at clubs
4. * Explain the goals of TM- for individuals and for the club- to create
team spirit

5. * Make sure evaluators know the difference between evaluating a new
member and a more experienced one

6. * Members support each other
7. * Have fun meetings – Backward day, holiday colors, potlucks, meet in
a different location, themes are creative, talent show, comedy night,
mystery night, special events, simulations (Olympics), decorations,
8. Invite speakers from other clubs or interesting professions or

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